Diary of an Expat: Reloaded

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For ten years, the UK has been Cecilia's home, even though no one here can pronounce her surname. Armed with her own experience, the testimonials of fellow expats, and her trusted copy of Life in the UK, Cecilia traces her story from Italy to London, from amusing miscommunications to bewildering legal technicalities, and from embracing a new nationality to staying true to her roots. "Reloaded" for Zoom after touring around the UK and Italy, Diary of an Expat asks: how do we decide where we belong? Paper Smokers (Fumatori di Carta) are a collective of storytellers founded in Italy by Cecilia Gragnani and Sara Urban, then expanded in London when Cecilia moved to finish her training. We tell stories of outsiders. Our name comes from a poem written by the Italian writer Cesare Pavese. Twitter: @paper_smokers Instagram: @paper_smokers Facebook: @papersmokers  Website: papersmokers.co.uk


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