Leave The Plastic On

A brand-new digital series of satirical comedy sketches to binge online for free!

In the first six sketches, two of our characters MC Maacho and Prema Patel (pronounced Petal) are on a mission to succeed. But their parents could be the roadblock to their path to success... what lengths will they go to get on? MC Maacho is desperate to represent his culture through music (and boost his Instagram followers) and Prema is in complete denial of her heritage on the cusp of her burgeoning political career. There’s enough to contend with a ‘new normal’ post-lockdown, but with their futures so close, will MC Maacho and Prema Patel be able to remove the ‘plastic’ of their cultural norm? A digital comedy series of six sketches written by Pravesh Kumar (Mushy: Lyrically Speaking) and Yasmeen Khan (EastEnders) and directed by Ameet Chana (Mushy: Lyrically Speaking).


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